7132 Hotel in Switzerland

By themselves, a luxurious hotel or a series of hot springs are somewhat unremarkable. But when they’re put together? That’s not something you come across everyday, and the 7132 Hotel knows it.

Located in Vals, Switzerland this stunningly well designed hotel frames the naturally heated mineralized waters of St. Peters Spring with top-notch amenities. The hot springs have been in this location as far back as 1300 BC, but it wasn’t until back in 1996 when architect Peter Zumthor reconstructed the building around the springs that it really became notable. Using 60,000 slabs of locally quarried quartzite, Zumthor built a spa so striking it attracts tourists from across the globe. The same attention to detail and eye for design that Zumthor exhibited in his construction of the 6 indoor and outdoor pools was mirrored in the design of the hotel itself. Guests have the ability to choose from a swatch of different suites or rooms that feature private terraces with uninterrupted views of the surrounding town and countryside.

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