Suzuki e-Survivor Concept

Believe what you may about Suzuki, but it’s obvious the automotive brand is gunning to revamp its reputation – made especially clear with this off-road friendly e-Survivor concept all-electric vehicle.

In short, Suzuki is attempting to reimagine the possibilities of 4×4 vehicles with this electric concept that’s being released at this year’s 45th Tokyo Motor Show. For the design, Suzuki looked at the Jimmy and the Vitara for inspiration, resulting in a ladder frame and lightweight compact body. And yes, in case you were wondering, it’s also four-wheel drive. In the interior, the futuristic dashboard hosts an almost panoramic viewing screen with state-of-the-art navigation settings and a third party POV of the vehicle itself on the road. Rear view cameras located at the top left and right of the virtual dashboard also replace the more traditional side mirrors. No word on production yet but with the 100th anniversary of Suzuki slated for 2020, something tells us we’ll be seeing some iteration of this concept in the near future.

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