Sinot Nature Superyacht

For those who feel that luxury hotels or villas are just not quite superlative enough for there taste, let us introduce Sinot’s Nature Yacht Concept.

This aquatic behemoth has more square footage than some of the bigger homes we’ve covered in the past. Measuring in at 120 meters long, it has a crew capacity of 50 and a guest capacity of 18. Those lucky guests are all lodged in gorgeous rooms with floor to ceiling windows, and have access to a climate controlled inner garden, spa, gym and swimming pool. If that isn’t enough for the guests to stay happy – they have access to one of the 8 WaveRunners that the mega yacht can store. This concept will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, but no word on whether or not anyone is willing to foot the bill to have this made in to a reality.

Learn More: Sinot Yacht Design

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