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One of the reasons people love Patagonia so much is that they have a really generous return policy. Maybe too generous. Ask any employee, and they’ll attest to the fact that lots of people use it. In fact, enough customers take advantage of this program that the company decided a while back to try and find a way to re-purpose their returns. What they ended up with was Worn Wear – a way for people to buy used, and slightly damaged garments for a discount. Now, for the first time, Worn Wear is available online.

Not only does this new e-commerce arm of Patagonia’s fit perfectly within the company’s sustainable and environmentally responsible ethos, but it makes a whole lot of great gear accessible to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. That means the dirtbag hikers, mountaineers, and surfers who live to do nothing but enjoy the wild will be able to get a close-to-new jacket without having to skimp on meals. Who knows, if this program is popular enough they brand could even shake their ‘Patagucci’ nickname.

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