Nest Secure Alarm System

Nest’s beginnings were humble enough. Initially their goal was to create a more intuitive and easy to use thermostat for the home. Now, years later, the once small company has expanded to cameras, smoke alarms, and a home security setup they’re dubbing Nest Secure Alarm System.

This new, beautifully designed system consists of three parts. First is the Guard base. This Alexa Dot-like device is the point from which all the connected tech operates. It functions as an alarm, motion sensor, and keypad that users can tap in a password to when entering the home. The Detect sensors are simple items that are meant to sound off when the door or window they’re attached to opens. They can also act as an extension of the Guard by detecting motion motion around the house. The third and final item in this new kit are the Tags. These simple, keychain friendly items allow users to arm and disarm the system without tapping in the passcode. Once set up, the entire system can be operated via smartphone app. Pre-orders are up now with shipping expected in November.

Purchase: $500

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