Kingsman X Mr. Porter Collection

Movie merchandise is tacky almost without exception. The stuff relies more on its association with big Hollywood pictures than it does on its own quality or utility. And for the most part, that is fine. The real function of the stuff is to serve as marketing for blockbusters anyway. Every once in a while, however, someone comes along and actually gives a damn about creating something great. In those cases, we get things like the Kingsman x Mr. Porter Collection.

This is now the second time that Mr. Porter has teamed up with the studio behind the Kingsman franchise to put together a wardrobe inspired by and based on the clothing in the films. Like last time, this new collection features formal pieces worn by the fictitious British secret service; an orange faille-trimmed cotton-velvet tuxedo jacket, a pair of black wool mohair blend trousers, a cashmere coat, and of course those Cutler and Gross frames. In the new film, the Kingsman meet their American counterparts, the Statesmen who sport a decidedly more western look. As a result, the Mr. Porter Collection has included items like a blanket-lined selvedge denim jean jacket from Jean Shop, a turnbull and Asser cotton western shirt, and a pair of Luchesse leather boots. Whether you’re a particular fan of the films or could care less – this entire collection is well worth a once over.

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