Escher Tiny House

Americans have a tendency to believe that less really means worse. The smaller the square-footage in your apartment or the weaker your car’s engine – the less desirable it is. It’s interesting then that the Tiny Home movement has captured the imagination of so many in the U.S. This architectural movement categorically denies the idea that less is less. Just take the Escher Tiny House for example.

Despite being able to fit on a trailer bed this home boasts nothing but class and style. The exterior features Shou Sugi Ban, cedar lap, and metal sidings as well as a pair of large, floor to ceiling glass doors (one a sliding garage door, the other a traditional hinged one) that fill the building with natural light. The center of the home acts as a communal space with its slide-out dining table and open design. The kitchen is equipped with a beautiful gas range, a sink with a copper backsplash, and it even has a dishwasher. The main bedroom is right next to the kitchen, and its large king sized bed can open up to reveal a storage area. The other side of the home has a space for a small child’s bedroom, a fold out desk, and a full bathroom with a shower. Now if only the price was as small as the home.

Purchase: $139,000+

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