Ducati SR4 ‘Warthog’ by Anvil Motociclette

It was deep in an abandoned factory that once served as a mausoleum for an old motodrome that Italian artists San Marco and Phonz of Anvil Motorciclette caught their initial inspiration to overhaul a Ducati Monster S4R into the industrial aluminum tracker you see before you. Gotta hand it to them, they make the apocalypse look good.

Dubbed “Warthog Mille,” the initial donor bike was first stripped down to just its steel chassis and L-twin motor. Clearly, the fellas utilized the classic Ducati lines as a skeleton to flesh out with the bike’s new sharp edges comprised of a new “dummy” tank and a signature tailpiece that actually houses the fuel for the ride. Further upgrades include a fresh black leather saddle, a square LED headlight, a clean black coat of paint, rebuilt USD Showa forks, 320mm Brembo discs, and of course Pirelli MT06RS tires for a grip suited to handle the superbike on practically any terrain. Bellissimo! [H/T: Pipeburn]

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