Belkin 3.5mm Audio Charge Rockstar

A lot of people were left scratching their heads when Apple released the iPhone 7 last year. The tech company famed for designing elegant solutions to everyday problems had created one of their own; a phone that couldn’t be used with headphones while simultaneously being charged. Now, a little over a year later, Belkin has created a workaround. Introducing the Belkin 3.5mm Audio Charge Rockstar.

This simple dongle allows users of the iPhone 7, and 8 models to both charge their phones while also listening to music via a 3.5mm jack. For those who rely on their music to drown out the noise in the office or simply don’t want to get caught with a low battery before taking an important phone call – this is the perfect solution. The cable has a 12 kWh pass-through rate that charges your phone at maximum speed and a 3.5mm audio jack that transmits 48 kHz of 24-bit audio output for clear conversations and high fidelity playback.

Purchase: $35

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