MegaBots Eagle Prime

Giant fighting robots are no longer a thing of science fiction. Two years ago, after Suidobashi Heavy Industries rolled out their Kuratas robot, the cocky punks at MegaBots challenged them to a fight. They figured they could construct a better, stronger robot – so long as they had some time to build it. Well, time is up and the MegaBots Inc.’s Eagle Prime is ready to rumble.

This behemoth of a machine measures in at 16 feet high, weighs 12 tons, and has a 430 horsepower motor that drives a set of tank-tread tracks. Piloted by two people, the aptly named Eagle Prime has the ability to fire off gigantic paint-balls at speeds high enough to dent steel-drums, a claw capable of ripping and tearing through just about anything, and a rumored fireball capability. We have yet to hear any response from Suidobashi Heavy Industries – but our guess is that they’re shivering in their boots.

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