Mackenrow Ping Pong Table

Ping pong doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Too often the tables sit unused in garages, gathering dust until they’re periodically wheeled out for illicit drinking games. Or, alternatively, they’re used and abused in overvalued tech startups in the Bay Area. If we had to guess, the issue is the cheap, metallic materials used to make the tables – not the sport itself. Thankfully some out there are trying to do Ping Pong right. Take the Mackenrow Ping Pong Table for example.

Just about every part of the table, from the base to the net hardware and playing surface is made from solid walnut in San Luis Obispo by Jory Brigham Design. As a result, this thing looks more like a piece of high-end designer furniture from the 1950s than it does a playing surface. That, in large part, is the point. Rather than wheeling this thing out back or hidden downstairs, it feels totally at home in your main living space. Just tell your kids to use coasters if they’re going to play beer pong.

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