LifeCard Credit Card-Sized Handgun

In the past few years, a handful of companies have tried to build handguns specifically for everyday carry. Most of them have fallen short. Their guns have either proven hard to use, too large, or end up stuck in the design stage. Trailblazer Firearms, however, have hit the nail on the head with their new LifeCard .22LR.

This weapon is incredibly unassuming. Measuring in at just 3.3-inches long, 2.1-inches high, and .5-inches thick, it is slimmer than most wallets out there. To add to the sleight profile, the gun is machined from aluminum billet and given a hard-coat black anodization. These touches have imbued the LifeCard with a smooth, unobtrusive look both when folded and fully deployed. To fight rust and corrosion, the ambidextrous, single-shot handgun features a steel tilt-up barrel, bolt, and trigger all coated in Isonite. And because this weapon can only fire off a round at a time, the handle has storage for an extra 4 rounds. All things said, we think Trailblazer Firearms got it right when they wrote this gun’s tagline; the last gun you’ll leave behind. [H/T: Maxim]

Purchase: $400

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