Folding Matchstick Revolver

Not everything in life should have a purely utilitarian purpose. Take this folding matchstick gun, for instance. In no way will this solve any problem, deter any criminals, or really do anything much more than entertain whoever is using it. That, in large part, is why we love it.

Made from stainless steel, this simple revolver matchstick gun is tailor-made for idle play around the office and hours of backyard target practice. Operation of this toy gun is super simple. All you have to do is load the 10 barrels with matchsticks (striking surface first), pull back on the hammer, aim, and squeeze the trigger. Once the firing pin hits the back of the match, the gun produces a large ‘pop’ and a small cloud of smoke as the match goes whizzing out of the barrel. The only really downsides to this thing are the fact that the cylinder on the matchstick gun needs to be rotated manually, and that the matches have to be cut down manually to fit in the barrel. All things said – a small price to pay for idle fun.

Purchase: $171

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