Cummins Urban Hauler Tractor Electric Semi Truck

As is the case with the rest of the automotive industry, it’s only a matter of time before large-form truck manufacturers lean into electric power. And that’s more true now than ever, with Tesla right on the edge of revealing their own semi. In a surprising development, however, engine manufacturer Cummins has beaten Elon Musk’s company to the punch with their class 7 Urban Hauler Tractor.

This all-electric 18,000-pound truck, which was built by performance brand Roush, features a brand new powertrain developed by Cummins. Though it’s not quite long-haul ready, this beefy environmentally-friendly vehicle is capable of traveling up to 100 miles per 1-hour charge. By the time the powertrain is officially released in 2019, the brand hopes to get charge times down to just 20 minutes and the distance per charge up to 200-300 miles. Whatever the case, this is a big step forward for the entire automotive industry and has set the standard for what’s to come.

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