Cape Town Treehouse

Usually, for something to be considered a treehouse, the house in question at the very least has to be in the trees. Apparently no one told that to the architectural team at Malan Forster. Given how good their Cape Town Treehouse looks, however, we can’t say we’re too upset about their bending of the rules.

Rather than try and loft a living space up into a tree’s canopy, the South African architectural firm opted instead to build a freestanding vertically planned cabin in the middle of a small clearing. The house mimics the look of the surrounding trees while also making plenty of room for modern conveniences like a full bedroom, fireplace, and kitchen. The home is organized around a cube and is broken into three simple sections. First is the living space, then on the second floor the bedroom, and on the third, a roof deck. All parts of the home, from the top to the bottom, boast large windows that provide plenty of natural light and striking views of the treetops. Why didn’t we think of that when we were kids?

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