Bladeless Drone By Edgar Herrera

When something wins a Red Dot Design Award, you can bet that it’s probably going to make some waves – even if it’s just a concept. And that’s exactly the case with this one from Mexican designer Edgar Herrera, an R/C drone concept which utilizes no propeller blades.

If you’re wondering if this drone utilizes the same technology that’s found in bladeless fans, you’re right on the money. And the benefits are twofold. First, this drone promises to be quieter than traditional bladed drones, and second, it eliminates the risks associated with a rapidly spinning blade. It works like this: the main central propeller assists with takeoff and landing, while the forward and rear propellers can rotate to alter both direction and speed. As mentioned, this drone is still in the conceptual stages, but we can’t imagine that nobody will jump on such promising tech and produce a working version in the near future.

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