Bittboy FC Mini Handheld Console

Though its popularity has waned thanks to the rise of mobile-based gaming, handheld consoles used to be the best and only way to get your video game fix on the go. And, sometimes, we still pine for the days when we had our GameBoy in our back pocket at all times. Well, now you can have that feeling again, only without having to haul around cartridges, thanks to the Bittboy FC Mini handheld console.

Yes, it does look suspiciously like Nintendo’s long-gone handheld device, but this one has something very special that the GameBoy never did: 300 pre-loaded video game classics. Everything from Super Mario Bros, to Contra, to Streets of Rage can be found in this handheld’s catalogue, which you can access without any high-speed internet connection or downloading of any sort. It also has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, a 2.2″ IPS display, and features composite video output if you want to hook it up directly to your TV. And how much will this little retro gaming miracle set you back? Only $40.

Purchase: $40

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