Tank-Treaded 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II

Land Rovers, on the whole, helped really set the standard for off-road and safari-style vehicles. In fact, they were some of the toughest and most capable commercially-sold trucks of their time. But, for a Scotsman named James A. Cuthbertson, they just weren’t quite tough and capable enough. So, he started converting them into things like the creature you see before you today, a 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II ‘Cuthbertson.’

No, this is not a one-off creation of some mad scientist – it was an after-market conversion done by Mr. Cuthbertson for anyone willing to pay. The idea was to create a version of the Land Rover that was even more capable, especially in adverse winter conditions, than those which came off the factory floor. The conversion required the base vehicle (sans wheels) to be dropped onto a sub-frame that allowed for the clearance and movement of the treads. Otherwise, the car was as drivable as any normal Land Rover, requiring no special controls. Apparently, only around 15 were ever made – so that makes this one, which is headed to auction, all the more special. It’s estimated to go for around $64,000-$77,000 when it hits the auction block.

Purchase: $64,000+

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