Phoozy Thermal Phone Pouch

Spend any amount of time outside and you’ll quickly realize that your iPhone isn’t exactly impervious to weather patterns. Whether it be during the dog days of summer or frigid winter nights, temperature extremes can have a detrimental effect on our little supercomputers. That is, until the Phoozy came into our lives.

Made from materials developed to protect astronauts from the extreme environments of space, the Phoozy is a thermal pouch designed to keep your phone at the right equilibrium when not in use. In short, it boasts military-grade protection against heat, cold, sun damage, and shock – it even floats too. And with an extra layer of drop protection, you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your travels may take you, or how extreme the weather may get along the way, that trusted phone will always be at the ready – granted you keep it charged of course.

Purchase: $30

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