AR Measure Smartphone Virtual Ruler

Augmented reality has been applied in a whole number of ways. Developers have used the technology to develop goofy Snapchat filters, apps that show you all inked up, and of course the wildly popular Pokemon Go. But is it possible that the best application could be a simple tape measure? AR Measure thinks so.

This iPhone app uses Apple’s ARKit Framework to identify points in space using the smart phone’s camera, and then measures the difference between those two points. Whether what you’re looking to measure is a small 2-inch figurine, or a 4-foot long wall, AR Measure is engineered to record the whole thing down to the last inch. Or so says the company. Call us luddites, but we’re not 100% sure if we’d use this as our only measuring instrument. Whichever side of the fence you fall on regarding this app – you can’t deny that having it on your phone will certainly make for much more accurate eyeballing of measurements. We’ll take that. The app is due to roll out in the fall. You can sign up for an email alert now.

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