Tertill Weeding Robot

Having to constantly bend down and pull weeds is one of the most tedious parts of gardening. Thankfully for all of the green thumbs out there, that annoying task may become nothing but a memory thanks to the Tertill Weeding Robot.

Designed by the same man who developed the Roomba, the main mission of this solar powered outdoor robot is to detect and kill unwanted plants. Once you turn the small 2.5-pound machine on, it will idly rove around your garden bed on the hunt for sprouting weeds. Once the sensor on the Tertill detects something, the robot uses a small weed whacker located on its undercarriage to cut it down. While this robot is effective, it admittedly isn’t the smartest. So to protect newly planted seedlings, the team behind this robot developed a simple bumper that gardeners can use to protect small plants until they’re tall enough. Having a beautiful garden just got easier.

Purchase: $225

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