TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Kingsman Edition

Kingsman: The Secret Service was the most slept on movie of 2014. Unlike the sullen and gritty post-Borne spy movies of our moment, it was delightfully fun, vibrant, and brimming with cool gadgets. Now, thanks to Tag Heuer, you can own one of the most prominently featured pieces of tech from the upcoming sequel; the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Kingsman Edition watch.

The watch, a special edition of the Connected Modular 45, features a large face with a navy and rose gold bezel as well as 30 pre-programmed digital faces that the wearer can choose from. At least one of those screens features a Kingsman logo on the subdial, while a larger logo appears at 10:10 for 10 seconds as the watch vibrates. In addition to these features, the watch comes with rose-gold lugs and two straps, one a brown leather and the other an orange velvet. Both use a clasp closure and feature the word ‘Kingsman’ embossed on the interior. These will start retailing on Mr. Porter, with which the Kingsman producers already have a line of clothing, on the 6th of July.

Purchase: $3,650

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