Tactyk Blade Titanium Keychain Knife

Two of the biggest tenets of everyday carry are preparation and, when at all possible, minimalism. The idea is that you want to be ready for anything without compromising your mobility unnecessarily. As much as we love our full-sized EDC pocket knives, we understand that they are sometimes neither necessary nor convenient. Still, we’d rather have a capable blade than not. Well, with the new Tactyk Blade, we can have the best of both worlds and none of the drawbacks.

Made in the USA, this discreet keychain knife measures up at only 2.25 inches in length. That means it’s more than small enough to fit on your keychain and has a format specifically designed around that. But, don’t let its size fool you; its construction of machined titanium still offers all the toughness of a much larger blade and its 1095 stainless steel blade – while small – is as reliable and capable as they come. And the ergonomic notch in the handle ensures both easy deployment and a sturdy grip when the knife is in use. When it hits the market, the titanium Tactyk Blade will retail for $129 – but you can back it right now on Kickstarter for as low as $65. They’re also offering an aluminum-bodied version at a much lower cost.

Kickstarter: $65+

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