Northern Lights Bubble Hotel

From the warm cozy confines of your winter cabin or even from your own home, the Northern Lights are a magnificent spectacle to behold. Outdoors, however, it can be a rough and cold stab in the dark finding comfort at the campsite without the right gear. There is, however, another option. The Buubble Lodge is a heated and transparent vessel through which you can literally sleep under the stars in comfort.

Located about an hour outside of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, the Buubble Lodge is made up a series of little inflatable and standalone bubble tents in the Icelandic forest – ideal for a front row exclusive seat to the Northern Lights. It’s inflated thanks to a noiseless ventilation system and the lodge has five different bubble options to choose from – each fitting about 2 adults and one child. There is also a restroom and kitchen house located on site and they’re open year round as well in case the cold just isn’t for you. Pricing available upon request.

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