NASA Mars Rover

With every day that passes, Mars feels just a little bit closer. Private companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and more keep pushing the boundaries on what is both possible and affordable. The newest thing that has us dreaming of watching astronauts walk on the red planet? A newly unveiled NASA Mars Rover.

This concept rolled out at the Kennedy Space Center this summer is engineered to conquer alien terrain. Weighing in at 6,000 pounds and boasting room for four fully equipped astronauts, it makes the lunar rovers we drove around the surface of the moon back in the 1970s look like go-carts by comparison. Even the wheels on this thing are impressive. Measuring in at an impressive 50 inches in height, they’re specially designed to grip Martian sand. NASA isn’t sharing much when it comes to technical specs, but from what we’ve learned the concept has a 700 volt battery, and can hit speeds of 70 mph while on Earth. On Mars? Only about 10-15 mph. Probably for the better all things said.

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