Munro Motor 2.0 Electric Bike

Usually when we come across electric vehicles – whether car, or motorcycle – they look a little bit like they were pulled off the production of Tron. The Munro Motor 2.0 eBike, however, traces its design heritage much further back than the 1980s.

As you can tell by just looking at it, the bike has a real throwback feel. This was totally intentional. The team behind the electric motorcycle drew much of their design inspiration, not to mention their namesake, from Burt Munro and the 953cc Indian motorcycle he broke the land speed record with in 1967. Yet, while the bike may look like it can break a few speed limits, it is better when it comes range. Equipped with two batteries, the bike’s Bosch motor can run for 60 miles before needing another charge. And in terms of speed, this thing tops out just shy of 30 MPH. Maybe most impressive, however, is the fact that the incredibly attractive looking bike will likely retail for south of $2,000.

Purchase: $1,700

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