ioSafe Solo G3 Rugged Hard Drive

Losing a computer used to be a nuisance. Now it’s a small tragedy. When a laptop or hard drive goes down, it takes hundreds if not thousands of photos, songs, and important documents with it. Those who are careful protect against this with an external hard drive or by backing up to the cloud. Those who are smart use the ioSafe Solo G3.

Not only does the 2TB ioSafe Solo G3 protect from lost or accidentally deleted files, but it shields your data from natural disasters like fires or flooding. The ioSafe team made the hard drive so it can withstand fires reaching 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for a half hour. Firemen end up overdoing it with the hose? No worries. This hard drive will protect your data for up to 72 hours while under 10 feet of water. Along with all of that, when you purchase one of these you are guaranteed a $2,500 credit for forensic recovery if your hard drive doesn’t last through the disaster. Who needs clouds when you can use this rock.

Purchase: $280

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