Hendrick’s Cocktail Garnisher

Occasionally in our search to find the coolest gear on the internet, we will come across something that is both completely impractical and really well made. The Hendrick’s Cocktail Garnisher is one of those few.

Developed by Hendrick’s Gin as a part of their World Cucumber Day celebration (what, you don’t celebrate WCD?), this tabletop garnisher is engineered to slice cucumbers into perfect 1/8-inch pieces in just minutes. All you have to do is slice a cucumber in half, put the cut ends down into each receptacle, and crank the wheel on the garnisher. Doing so moves the cucumbers across perfectly positioned blades that slice the cucumber into the ideal size for throwing in your drink. Whether you’re throwing it in a gin and tonic, cucumber basil smash, or a cucumber 75, we’re sure that using such a fancy device will make it taste that much better. Pre-order is open now with delivery to your home bar anticipated for August.

Purchase: $200

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