FLIR One Pro Infrared Smartphone Camera

If you can’t see a problem, is it really there? Well, yes. Yes it is. And thanks to the FLIR One Pro Infrared Smartphone Camera, you can catch those invisible problems before they become big, hairy messes.

This small camera attaches directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android), turning it into a fully capable live-view infrared camera. Produced by the same company that supplies the International Space Station, military operators, and police with optical equipment, this technology is far from a novelty. The Pro model of the camera has an impressive range, capable of picking up temperatures as high as 752F and as low as -4 on a 160×120 pixel sensor. Thanks to that serious tech, users can plug this camera into their phone and hunt down hard to solve problems just by pointing their camera and looking. We’re talking about things like locating where exactly that pipe is leaking from, figuring out what is going on under the hood of your car, or – more importantly – figuring out which of the beers in your fridge is the coldest.

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