Zebra Boat by Dimitri Bez

Marrying worlds both old and new, the Zebra Boat is one aquatic ride we’d happily take out for a sunset cruise this Memorial Day weekend. Designed by Dimitri Bez, it utilizes classic styling in conjunction with contemporary technologies and propulsion methods. Surely a sight to be seen navigating the high seas.

In short, Zebra is an electric boat complete with all 21st-century design and technological principles that make it one of a kind. Traverse waterways, bays, harbors and the outer waters with the Zebra’s OLED touchscreen navigation system. Additionally, the boat features diagonal slats along the wooden deck and leather padding – hence its namesake. Chrome lines throughout the outline of the boat also round out the project with finesse. From evening cocktails to quick and stylish transport across intercostal waterways, this is aquatic transport at its finest. More sleek designs can be found on Dimitri’s website, which includes anything from cars to household products to timepieces.

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