Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker eBike

Rod Emory has been restoring old Porsches for the better part of the last 27 years. And while everything Emory Motorsports pumps out has been brilliant, it appears that Mr. Emory wanted to prove that his expertise isn’t limited to those vehicles. Or at least that’s what we’re taking away from his latest collaboration with Vintage Electric – a Porsche-inspired electric bicycle called the Outlaw Tracker.

While the inspiration is drawn from an Emory-restored classic Porsche 356, the retro styled hydroformed aluminum frame and leather accents are the only things old-school about this ebike. Housed on each of the 50 bikes made is a state-of-the-art electric motor and battery capable of getting the two-wheeler a distance of 35 miles at speeds up to 36 mph. And once the juice runs out, the lithium battery will charge back up in just 2 hours. Just for reference, a recharge will cost you about $0.18 total. It can also be switched back and forth between a street-legal mode and an off-road friendly “Race mode” for when you want to let loose. Each of these bikes retails for $6,995, but financing is available for as low as $615 a month.

Purchase: $6,995

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