Jammy Portable Guitar

For anybody that knows how to play guitar, you know that the 6-string instrument is not exactly commuter-friendly. Even some of the smallest full-scale models have a bit too much heft and bulk to them. Well, now you can get the feeling of a full-scale neck in an instrument small enough to fit inside your backpack. It’s called the Jammy travel guitar.

Measuring up at just 12.6 inches, the Jammy is compact enough to fit into any carry-on, duffel bag, or even school pack – giving players the ability to shred just about anywhere. But it also telescopes into a full-scale 19.6 inches, making it feel like a real full-sized guitar. On top of that, it comes with plug-and-play functionality (meaning you don’t need an amp, just headphones), offers up real time guidance via an included app and LED fret lighting, and it’s both bluetooth and MIDI-enabled – so you can use it as a wireless controller, too. There’s no word yet on price, but you can sign up through the brand for a discount when Jammy is released.

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