False Bay Writer’s Cabin

When architect Tom Kundig was presented with the assignment to design the ideal writer’s cabin for a couple of owners who wanted to feel completely connected to the natural world in the Puget Sound, he decided to embrace the writer’s dual introvert/extrovert personality trait. The result? A totally open glass enclosed domicile that closes in upon itself thanks to three wooden slat decks that fold up onto the house at night or while the owners are away.

It’s all possible through a series of hydraulic wrenches, wire rope, pivoting sheaves and lead blocks. The cabin is also topped off with an inverted hip roof that features deep overhangs to keep the interior cool when the shutters are down. Inside the home, an interior fireplace also rotates 180 degrees so that it can be enjoyed from outside the cabin as well. There’s also a small bathroom and a kitchenette that add a nice touch to the home’s single room layout. It’s the perfect retreat for when the time is right.

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