Shun Premier 7-Inch Asian Cook’s Knife

If you appreciate cooking on even the basest level, you should know the value of a good kitchen knife. Truly, it can mean the difference between a perfectly sliced piece of meat and a mangled inedible hunk. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the point remains: a solid blade is a chef’s best friend. And they don’t get too much better than Shun’s Premier 7″ Asian Cook’s Knife.

Its beautiful facade is thanks to a handle made from walnut-colored PakkaWood (a wood/plastic composite designed for hard use) handle and a blade exterior made from 34 layers of Damascus steel. Each of these knives are handcrafted through a process that takes over 100 steps to complete per unit – which includes a unique hammered tsuchime finish that reduces drag. But what’s really special about this knife isn’t entirely visible. You see, at the center of this blade you’ll find a VG-Max “super steel” cutting core capable of holding an unbelievably sharp precision edge that makes cutting through anything like, well, a hot knife through butter. If you have a passion for cooking, do yourself a favor and one of these bad boys up.

Purchase: $170

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