PERK Pourover Coffee Machine

Even if you love great coffee, it can be a bit of a pain to brew your own every day. Precisely measuring your beans, grinding them up to the perfect coarseness, and then nailing the pour requires a lot of time and attention – both of which are in short supply. Thankfully for coffee nerds out there, the PERK Pourover Coffee Machine is designed deliver a great cup without the effort.

The way this machine works is incredibly straight forward. You simply add water, throw your grounds in the mesh chamber, and press brew. The water will be heated to a uniform temperature and then gently pulled up into the infusion chamber where it soaks through the grounds uniformly. More than just brew coffee hands free, this machine makes it so every aspect of the brewing process is consistent and uniform. The water always stays the same temperature, the grounds are evenly distributed, and the flow of water scary consistent. Good coffee, without the hassle.

Purchase: $300

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