DJI Ronin 2 Camera Gimbal

It’s a pretty well known fact that DJI is one of the leading drone brands in the world right now. But, what you might not know is that they also make a host of stellar non-drone photography-centric gear with a focus on image stabilization. In fact, they’ve just released a new and improved version of their consumer-accessible professional-grade camera gimbal called the Ronin 2.

This isn’t just a simple update; no, the Ronin 2 is a complete ground-up redesign of DJI’s original concept. It now features upgraded high-torque motors, quick-release mount attachments (so you can swap cameras or go from handheld to vehicle-mounted in seconds), and even comes with a bevy of intelligent features for greater autonomy and versatility. It even has a fully-integrated dual-battery power system that keeps it free of any dangling cables and makes swapping out cameras a snap. What you get is a camera gimbal capable of stabilizing up to a 30 pound load at speeds of up to 75 mph all while resisting high winds. For amateur and professional filmmakers and photographers alike, the Ronin 2 promises to be an indispensable piece of gear.

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