2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63

The market for crossovers and SUVs have continued to grow in recent years, and marques like Mercedes-Benz are working on getting ahead of the trend. Their recently announced 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC63, for instance, is perfectly designed to hit that sweet spot between powerful and functional.

The GLC63 packs a punch with a 4.0 biturbo liter V8 that puts out an impressive 469 horses and 479 pound feet of torque through its AMG Speedshift MCT nine-speed transmission. The GLC63 S series shares the same transmission and engine, but puts out a more substantial 503 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque. Talk about powerful. Depending on the type of driving you’re interested in doing, the car offers up a ‘comfort mode’ with slower shifting and a softer ride, or the more aggressive Sport+ for faster shift times and a more firm suspension. Ideal for racing back to the store to get some milk. Pricing has yet to be announced but you can expect to see the cars in dealership lots starting early 2018.

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