LEIF ESnowboard

If you are looking to rip up the pavement but find yourself a little bit bored with your run of the mill skateboard, we’ve found the perfect solution. Introducing the LEIF ESnowboard.

Thanks to a combination of an electric motor and a couple of extra wheels, this warm weather snowboard can glide and slide all over town with ease. While most all skateboards have just four wheels, this one has a total of six. The extra two at the bottom of the board are set on casters and are connected to a 1,295 Watt omni-directional motor. Thanks to this special setup, the ESnowboard can hit speeds of up to 23 miles per hour – even while going uphill. Want to get out for a long ride? No worries. The skateboard comes with a swappable lithium ion battery back with 10 miles of range on each charge. There’s even a set of completely adjustable bindings alongside the flight deck display, giving every size rider the ability to shred the streets in comfort. The LEIF is currently available $1,650. [Purchase]

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