Wrensilva Loft Record Console

One of the downsides to really technically capable audio equipment is that it can often look plain ugly. The sound quality may be great, but the design of the thing just doesn’t match. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. Wrensilva’s Loft is one of them.

The idea behind the Loft was to create a smaller record player that still had all of the power capabilities of a larger console. When Scott and Debra Slayer went about building out the player, they made sure to include items like a 300 watt per channel amplifier, SONOS capability, an RCA auxiliary cable input, and a standard 3.55mm jack. For those who are vinyl purists, the San Diego based boutique audio shop included OA2 Precision Gimbal Tonearm, dual layer wood and acrylic platter, and fully decoupled belt driven table paired with a 24v AC synchronous motor. But that is just the more technical side. Each one of these is┬ámade to order in the shop’s Southern California studio with hand picked North American Walnut hardwood and given white acrylic details that is held aloft by oxidized steel legs. The combination of high design, attention to detail, and technical ability make this console hard to beat. Prices are set at $3,000. [Purchase]

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