Victorinox VX Touring Collection

It takes a lot of things for a trip to go well, but just one for it to go poorly. For those who are tired of having their vacations or quick business trips go sour because of faulty or difficult to use luggage, the Victorinox VX Touring Collection is for you.

This line of backpacks, carryons, and luggage is built to conquer everything from weekend trips home to outright adventures. Engineered with a level of precision you could only expect from the Swiss, these ultra light bags made from directional durable materials can sustain repeated shocks and bumps without hurting the gear inside or itself being damaged. Not only are these bags built to take abuse from even the least caring baggage handlers, they’ll look good while doing it, too. Coming in either a teal or light grey with striking geometric pattern print, these will stand out while circling the airport baggage carousel with ease. Prices for these start at $150. [Purchase]

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