Tree Snake Houses

Modular homes, for the most part, are cookie cutter buildings with simple right angles and a run of the mill floor plan. The Tree Snake Houses by Rebelode and Rade, on the other hand, completely breaks the mold and challenges what can be done with modular construction.

Far from conforming to a simple orthogonal structure, these homes jut out over a decline, hovering high in the woods in Pedras Salgadas, Portugal. Covered in slate scales on the exterior and wood paneling on the inside of the serpent shaped- structure, the homes have a sense of connection to their surroundings that goes far beyond just proximity. As for the interior of the homes – they feature just one bedroom, one full bath, and a kitchen. Despite having the living space on the smaller side, the rooms have a spacious feel to them thanks to all of the natural light let in through the skylight and large floor to ceiling window.

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