Quarter Dome Air Hammock

Hammocks and tents both have their benefits and drawbacks. A tent, for instance, can keep you protected from the elements, whereas a hammock will lift you off of the uncomfortable and sometimes bug-ridden ground. Of course, most of the time you have to choose one or the other. That is, unless you own REI’s Quarter Dome Air Hammock.

The perfect hybrid between a hammock and a tent, this contraption will lift your sleeping space off of the forest floor, but also provide you with coverage in the case that it begins to rain. And, for a piece of gear that weights just 3 pounds and collapses into a tiny storage bag, it features a large, open, and comfortable format. And the ripstop nylon construction – which is both puncture and water resistant – is complemented perfectly by a bug-stopping mesh canopy, sturdy Dacron anchor lines and a secure clip system, and numerous storage options – including both interior and exterior mesh pockets. The Quarter Dome Air Hammock can be yours for $219. [Purchase]

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