PG x Bugatti Bicycle

Because building the world’s fastest and most luxurious cars apparently just isn’t enough for¬†Bugatti, the marque recently teamed up with the German based PG to help design the special PG x Bugatti Bicycle.

Made from 95% carbon fiber and weighing in at less than 11 pounds, this bike is among the lightest in the world. And more than just being featherweight, the bike maintains a super rigid build for a smooth ride while whipping through city streets at top speed. Like any Bugatti – this hypercar inspired¬†bicycle will come totally customized to the user’s specifications. Buyers will get their pick of colorway, materials for the seat, and just about everything else. While we can’t say that this will necessarily be the fastest bike on the road, it most definitely may be among the most expensive. Only 667 of these are planned to be made, all of which will start at a baseline price of $39,000. [Purchase]

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