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Before the down jackets, the fleece pullovers, and the term “PataGucci”, there was just a guy named Yvon trying to stay warm. One of his first attempts to build something to protect from the chill that came along with his surfing excursion and rock climbing trips was a down sleeping bag. It worked decently well, but it never made it to production. But now, after 45 more years of experience, Patagonia is officially rolling out their own sleeping bag.

Like most anything from the brand, these things boast some impressive technology and a real attention to detail. Unlike the previously released hybrid sleeping bag, these two 850 down sleeping bags feature insulation from head to toe, and are rated to 30 and 19 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. What sets the 19 degree rated bag apart is its ‘Baffle’ construction – a method that does away with sewn-through areas and a small liner circumference that helps keep the down lofted. But that isn’t to say that the 30 degree rated bag doesn’t have its own set of benefits. Due to the stitch through construction, it can function as a more light and simple solution designed for quick, minimalist trekking.

But for as much as the two sleeping bags have some real differences – they’re alike in some important ways. Thanks to the super lightweight nylon ripstop Pertex Quantum fabric on the exterior of these bags, the shells are half the weight and twice as strong as most others on the market. In addition to just the weight and the strength, they feature interlocking Y shaped fibers that make for a higher loft and increase the water resistance of the bag. But that is just the outside. The interior is lined with the same fabric used in the brand’s popular Houdini hoodies and pullovers, making them all that much more comfortable. All things said, these bags continue Patagonia’s trend of producing high quality, technically capable outdoor equipment. Worth the wait.

Purchase: $400

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