‘La Fabrica’ Cement Factory Conversion Home

When architect Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon this old 19th-Century cement factory in Catalonia in southern Spain back in the early 1970s he knew this spot would serve as an inspirational sanctuary for future projects. A lot of work went into restoring this former factory, now dubbed La Fabrica, but fortunately Bofill was skilled enough to keep the original integrity of the now castle-like structure.

In their deconstruction/construction phase, Bofill and his team discovered the potential for expansive on-site gardens, a living area, as well as a studio for their firm. Logically, that’s exactly what they did, starting with the studio which is now located in the factory silos over four floors that are connected by a spiral staircase. Next up were the Gardens where green palms and various other shrubbery climb the factory walls and now hang from the roofs likes cavernous stalactites. The site is also covered with grass, eucalyptus, olive, and prune trees as well. The upper part of the factory now functions as a large living room complete with arc windows, a kitchen and dining room for family gatherings, and a Moroccan-inspired “pink” room for a smaller and more private living experience.

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