HYPAR Folding Kayak

Kayaking, rowing, and sailing are great ways to get outdoors, stay fit, and survey your surroundings. However, not all of us possess the space or the disposable income to house all three means of aquatic transportation. Fortunately enough, there’s the HYPAR Kayak which debuted earlier this year at the Dusseldorf Boat Show.

In short, the HYPAR is a modular smart boat that transforms from a backpack to a boat in less than three minutes. From here, users can transform the boat from a regular kayak into a rowboat, sailboat or even a motorboat that runs off of solar energy. Folded down, the boat weighs less than 18 pounds, fits into most cars, and is even approved as airline luggage. It’s sleek yet sturdy hull allows you to slice through the surface of almost any body of water, from the open sea to local streams. Also, the angle and shape actually match water wake patterns thereby reducing drag on the surface and helping you keep a steady pace. It’s slated to launch as an Indiegogo campaign this April. No word on pricing just yet. [Purchase]

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