Bird’s Nest Treehouse Cabin

We have a thing for homes that blend into their surrounding, but this cabin is on an entirely different level. Located on the grounds of the Treehotel in Northern Sweden, the stunning Bird’s Nest Cabin is almost completely hidden among the trees.

While this human-sized nest may look like it’s sharp and drafty from the outside, the interior offers up all the creature comforts you could hope for. With room to sleep four, a strong WiFi┬áconnection, and little portholes through which you can peak out at the world – the unique cabin comes across as being an ideal cold weather getaway. The room itself, however, isn’t the only appealing thing about the cabin. A quick climb back down the ladder and a walk through the woods will put residents right near a sauna, or a mid-century inspired ‘Pensionat’ where they can enjoy drinks and meals. Not bad for a bunch of sticks. Prices for a stay are available on request. [Purchase]

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