Bell FCX-001 Helicopter

How about a snapshot into the possible future of air travel for the rich and famous? Bell Helicopter, which has been around for the past 80 years, recently released information on their concept FCX-001, built in accordance with increasing client demand for state-of-the-art technology and functionality in a personalized aircraft.

The airframe of the helicopter is made from sustainable materials and offers structural integrity and performance along with ample cabin room for passengers. Also, an anti-torque system in the tail boom is positioned to alter the noise, safety, and performance of vertical lift for the better. The rotator blades also morph, allowing the aircraft to optimize flight capabilities and a hybridized propulsion combines thermal engine cores with an electric distribution that result in more control and simplified maintenance and operation. It will also boast the ability to run on an augmented reality control system with the help from a little artificial intelligence, meaning it could fly itself if needed.

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