Seinfeld Set Replica

When Seinfeld was on during the 1990s, everyone knew it was good. But since it has continued to resonate with a completely new generation of viewers, it is safe to say that it is great. And what happens to great things? They get shrunk and put on our shelves. Obviously. Introducing the miniaturized Seinfeld Set Replica.

An exact 1:26 scale replica of the show’s set, this thing is full of incredible amounts of detail. It includes over 100 miniature elements throughout the apartment ranging from a working front door, to wall lighting fixtures, and even distressed paint on the walls for a real lived-in look. Those who pre-order now will also get an actual piece of wood from the set door with an individually numbered card certified by the Warner Brothers Studio Archive. Who knew? Significant shrinkage isn’t that big of a deal after all. Prices for the set are placed at $400. [Purchase]

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