Minimod Portable Homes

Remote living doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable and rustic experience. Just have a look at these modular and portable homes by Minimod, a design-forward architecture firm based out of Brazil. They allow customers complete control of the design and layout of their homes, putting it together piece by piece and working to create a one-of-a-kind home in the wilderness. That’s the Minimod ideology.

Each individual module measures in at 290 square feet and is made from a lightweight steel frame with a plywood and glass composition. Each customer can then decide how to piece together their home based on their specific wants and needs, choosing the layout in the process. For the most part, each customer is also responsible for furnishing the finalized Minimod, though basic amenities such as A/C, a mini fridge, mini oven, and LED lighting comes standard. Each unit is built in only 45 days, at which point the portable home is then transported or airlifted into the remote location of your choice. It’s luxury off-the-grid living in style. No complaints here. Pricing is available upon request.

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